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Can I claim R&D credits?

You might be eligible, if:

  • You are a limited company in the UK that is subject to Corporation Tax
  • You have carried out qualifying research and development activities
  • You have spent money on innovative projects

R&D Tax Calculator

Is your business registered for Corporation Tax in the UK?


Has your business invested in innovative projects?


How many employees does your business have?

Salaries spent on R&D

That’s the total cost of salaries you spent on R&D projects, including gross wage, pension, NI and bonuses.


Contractor spend on R&D

Did you employ other companies or agencies for your R&D project? If yes, let us know the total cost excluding VAT.


Materials purchased for R&D

Tell us the total value of materials purchased for your R&D project excluding VAT.


Company Net Profit / (Loss)

This is based on your company’s profit/loss before tax.

*Based on your answers, you could be eligible for tax credits. Please note, this amount should only be seen as an estimate.

No claim, no gain.

We oversee the whole process and support your business from claim to credit.
If your claim is successful, we take 15%* from the amount you receive.

*We charge a minimum success fee of £2,000.

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Apart from R&D credits, your business might be eligible for other grants and government support. We keep track of news and updates, check your eligibility and submit all applications, so you can skip the admin and get back to business.

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