About addition

A revolutionary finance platform that enables all companies to succeed, regardless of size or resources.

We Believe

Every business deserves access to the tools and resources necessary to reach their fullest potential.

Our mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to thrive by building the finance team and systems of the future. Using insightful data, sound counsel, and exceptional customer service, we aim to increase your chances of success.

How it all started

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Addition was founded in 2018. During my experience as a Portfolio CFO, I noticed that small businesses weren't receiving the same level of support as larger companies. I was determined to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the same level of high-quality financial input, which led to the birth of Addition.
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Our Values



We value innovators who can simplify processes, solve problems, generate new ideas, and identify areas for improvement. At Addition, you'll have the opportunity to make a real impact on our company's future.


Our team act without ego, support each other, and prioritise what's best for the company and our customers. We practice honest communication and value constructive feedback. And we’re always looking to learn and improve.


We prioritise what matters to our customers and our company. Our focus and dedication drive us to achieve our goals and accomplish high-quality work efficiently.


Effective communication is at our core. We proactively keep stakeholders updated, and we manage customer expectations, consistently exceeding them. We believe in collaboration and encourage our team to seek help when needed.


We're highly trusted by our customers and own any mistakes quickly and positively. We’re organised, take initiative and make decisions that align with our responsibility value.


Always seeking our next star! Email your CV for a role with us.
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