Meet your finance team

We come from all walks of life and industry backgrounds, which is why we do things differently. Fair and transparent pricing. Actionable insights. 1-1 support.

Naturally we’ve got the credentials too. We’re accredited by the world’s leading professional bodies for management accountants and accounting technicians (ICAEW and CIMA).

For us business is personal. Every member of our team is briefed to understand your specific setup, giving you best-in-class service with no interruptions.

Addition is the finance team
you never knew you needed.

We keep on top of your figures, turning data into discoveries that move your business forward. Like checking that new breakfast menu is really paying off. Seeing how your customers’ habits are changing. Or picking the right time to expand.

We cover all the bases – so you can excel, without Excel. You can even add our CFO service to take your business to the next level, month after month.

Why join Addition?

Embrace your figures

We give small businesses the financial savvy of big ones. So you can get ahead with your figures, without a head for figures. Dig into your data, unearth opportunities, understand your customers like never before.

Act on insight, not hindsight

We investigate the numbers behind everything you do – and turn them into targeted insights you can actually use.
So your financials can take your business further, faster.

Powered by people

We give finance the personal touch. Like a dedicated bookkeeper who knows all the ins and outs of your accounts or an experienced CFO who gives you ad-hoc advice whenever you need it.

Nurturing numbers

From your first steps as a business, to your first seven-figure year. We’re on your team. Giving you targeted insights and 1-1 support – until you’re so big, you don’t need us anymore.

Making financial decisions can feel like a gamble. With us, the numbers are on your side.

Our finance team, along with top accounting technology, will give you and your business a truly innovative and effective accounting and finance service – which doesn’t cost over the odds.

Software flexibility is important to us. We are confident your business is benefiting from the best, most secure financial management technology. We use top accounting and finance systems to spot trends and provide you with insights you can actually use. Plus, we integrate with hundreds of tools like Paypal, Stripe and Gusto, so no matter how big or small your business, you can be fully financially savvy.

Connecting with your top tools

We integrate with your favourite tools to make your life easier and your time more productive.

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