The Ultimate Guide to Business Funding for Startups


Applying for business funding is an exciting landmark on the journey to entrepreneurial success. Whether it’s government grant schemes or business loans, knowing how (and when) to access cashflow is crucial for your business. 

The last year has seen an increase in business funding for startups. Government schemes such as SEISS and bounce-back loans, as well as multiple other options have widened the playing field.

While this fresh focus on support for SMEs is encouraging (and long overdue), understanding which option works best for you is crucial. 

At Addition, we frequently help small business owners and entrepreneurs secure funding. Many people tend to find the process leading up to the application (never mind the actual application itself) confusing and stressful. 

We’ve partnered with business finance experts at Funding Options to put together a simple, clear guide to small business funding. 

In our guide guide, you’ll find practical advice on: 

  • Preparing your business accounts for funding approval
  • Understanding and navigating the application process
  • Choosing the right type of funding for your business needs
  • How to get the most out of your funding capital 

Want Some Help With That?

If you’re thinking about applying for business funding for startups, but aren’t sure where to start, why not give us a call or drop us a line?

We’re pretty good at keeping things simple, and can help get your business in the perfect position to get approved!

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