6 Reasons Why Starling Is The Perfect Startup Bank


Businesses today are different from how they were 30 years ago. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges and opportunities, which require them to be innovative and adaptable. In this evolving business landscape, even banking is changing. At Addition, we’re always searching for digital tools that make running a business easier and more efficient. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Starling Bank, an award-winning digital startup bank in the business and current account space.

But what sets Starling Bank apart? Let’s hear from six small business owners who share their experiences!

Dominique Lescott, Founder of Hair Popp

Starling Marketplace and Sparqa Legal are game-changers if you work with freelancers!

– Dominique Lescott, Hair Popp

The Starling Marketplace app, provided by this innovative startup bank, makes it simple for Hair Popp to set goals and save money for things like market exhibitions or paying interns and freelancers. Sparqa Legal, another excellent tool offered by Starling Bank, makes creating contracts for working with freelancers and interns a breeze. Plus, Dominique loves that it’s a female-founded company!

Jason Guy, Founder of Festival Glitter

Want a bug-free app, fuss-free access, and actual support? Go with Starling!

Jason Guy, Festival Glitter

Jason switched banks because his previous one offered no support during the pandemic. With Starling, everything works smoothly without any complications or the need to remember long passwords and random questions. Jason wished he had made the switch to this startup bank sooner and describes the move to Starling Bank as a breath of fresh air.

Rahul Mohanachandran, Co-Founder of Kasera

Spaces helps create just that – breathing room for small business admin loads.

Rahul Mohanachandran, Kasera

The Saving Spaces feature allows you to set money aside for specific purposes, like paying accountants or covering recurring expenses. Automating monthly transfers to Spaces reduces administrative work and provides breathing room for businesses like Kasera.

Bethan Vincent, Marketing Consultant

Starling’s efficient digital setup process meant I could keep safe during Covid-19!

Bethan Vincent, Marketing Consultant

Bethan Vincent appreciates that Starling Bank offers options for both sole traders and limited companies. This makes it a perfect choice for SMEs at any stage of development. Bethan also values the quick and safe digital setup process that this startup bank offers. Creating an account is free and there are no standard monthly fees.

Ben Michaelis, Founder of ThinkEngine

Starling’s integration features mean we can sync up easily with our accounting platform.

Ben Michaelis, ThinkEngine

Ben praises Starling Bank’s integration features. The ability to sync up ThinkEngine’s technology with Starling’s platform has proven extremely simple and easy. Ben also appreciates being able to separate money into the Saving Spaces feature for things like taxes and everyday spending. This helps ThinkEngine manage their cash flow effectively.

Elle Bell, Managing Director, Elle Bell Communications

With Starling, you get more than just a bank account. Its business toolkit function is a winner!

Elle Bell, Elle Bell Communications

For Elle Bell, Starling Bank’s business toolkit function is the true lifesaver. It takes away the stress of the financial side of her business. She loves the categorisation of spending and finds both this function and the tax calculation factor to be valuable additions.

These are just a few of the reasons why Starling Bank is a leading startup bank and at the forefront of the future of business banking. Addition is excited to be partnering with them. If you’re interested, why not start your journey with Starling Bank today?


At Addition, we’re not just an average accounting firm. We’re driven by a common interest in innovation, which is why our partnership with Starling Bank is so important to us.

Our financial services are designed to help SMEs take action based on insights. We offer a range of plans, from our affordable CORE plan to our comprehensive CFO plan, ensuring that our services grow alongside your business.

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