A New Era of SME Finance



Over his 14 years working in top-tier finance roles, Graham Davies noticed a trend in consulting. It seemed small businesses were continually given the raw end of the deal. DIY bookkeeping, overpriced fees, lack of financial insights – the consistent lack of quality service for SMBs was disappointing. Determined to change this, he started Addition. 

Today we’re proud to support over 120 small businesses with quality financial services – and we’re only getting started!

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone. But small businesses have had to weather this storm without the fallback options of giant corporations.

As a small business ourselves, we have great respect and admiration for what you’ve achieved. And as restrictions began to lift, we’d like to help you not just recover, but thrive!


Instead of foisting rigid, one-size plans on small businesses with ever-changing circumstances, our plans are tailored individually – according to your budget, needs and dreams. 

Our CORE plan is designed specifically for grassroots businesses to help get you going. Our dedicated (and accredited) finance team will deliver real-time bookkeeping, bespoke reports, tax efficiency and direct support. And whenever you’re ready, we have add-ons such as Payroll, Self-Assessment and HMRC Audit Cover which you can tag onto your plan at any moment

We’ve seen first-hand the advantage that a CFO brings to a business. However, for many small businesses, hiring one full-time just isn’t realistic. We wanted to find a way to give SMEs access to that boost – which is how our CFO plan came to being.

You’ll benefit from two hours a month of in-depth consultation with a dedicated CFO. We’ll analyse and review your KPIs regularly, as well as conduct business health checks with actionable insights.

When the time is right, you can choose from our add-ons like Forecasting and Budgeting, Financial Modelling and Funding Prep (getting you pitch-ready for investors). 

This year has been particularly hard-hitting for small businesses. Access to funding for the self-employed has been difficult and confusing. It’s why we’re excited to roll out our R&D plan.

Research and Development tax relief is a cashflow pool that’s still untapped by many small business owners – yet the average claim amount in the hospitality and food sector, for instance, is £30,000!

There’s no reason why your innovation should be unrewarded financially. We can handle every aspect of the process, from claim to credit. And because we’re so confident we can get you paid, our R&D service is no win- no fee. So you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!



These are just some of the ways we’re helping small businesses succeed and grow. We’d love to do the same for you. You’re busy – so we’re happy to hop on a free call and answer all your questions. 

Big corporations have had the upper hand for years – it’s time to level the playing field. Making high-quality financial services accessible to SMEs gives us all a chance to win. Let’s revolutionise SME finance, and give our businesses the growth rate they deserve!

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