Are You Making These 11 DIY Bookkeeping Mistakes?

Balancing the company books yourself is common practice amongst start-ups and small businesses – especially at grassroots level. It’s definitely one way to manage costs – but when it comes to your company accounts, even the smallest mistake can be very expensive. But what DIY bookkeeping mistakes do startups need to be aware of?

In this workshop, we’ll look at eleven areas where most DIY bookkeepers trip up, including: 

  • Time allocation
  • Digital record-keeping
  • Paying more tax than you need to
  • To VAT or not to VAT

…and more.

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When it comes to growing your company, time is money – so put yours where it matters most. Doing it yourself is easier when you’re doing what you love. Why not let Addition take care of your bookkeeping – so you can take care of your business? Give us a call today.

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