4 Keys to Financial Forecasting for Startups

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Maybe you’re looking for investors, applying for business funding, or even just planning new targets. For each of these steps, you’re going to need financial forecasting. 

Financial forecasting shows your entire business plan in numbers. It will tell you and others what’s needed, at what cost, and how much you expect to generate as a result.

In this video, you’ll find practical examples and step-by-step guidance on financial forecasting for startups. We’ll cover:

  • Why startups need financial forecasting
  • How to turn your pitch deck into a forecast
  • 5-step guide to building your financial forecast
  • Common mistakes to avoid and tools to help you

..and more.

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Combining these key aspects of your pitch deck will lay the foundation for your financial forecast. If you haven’t built your pitch deck yet, why not give our CFOs a call to explore how we can support?

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